clockless worker

clockless worker
An employee who is willing to work at any time, day or night.
Example Citation:
The New Economy has set many formerly 9-to-5 companies on a slippery slope that has employees working late, then into the night, then all night. In most offices, the phenomenon is voluntary, with "clockless workers" enjoying the flexibility of being able to work anytime.
—Shira J. Boss, "On the clock, all the time," Christian Science Monitor, September 25, 2000
Earliest Citation:
It was late Sunday night when I called my team in for an impromptu meeting. I was sure they wouldn't mind - after all, I had been training them to be clockless workers, and of course they were all team players.
— Alan Rooks, "A Christmas paradigm," North American Papermaker, December, 1997
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